Top 10 diagnostic products: Q4 2023

Jan. 4, 2024
Looking for some new diagnostic tools and equipment for the new year? Check out the most clicked-on diagnostic tools and updates on from the fourth quarter.

It's the beginning of 2024, and you know that's time to take stock of how you can improve in the new year. One great way to improve either your own or your shop's speed, efficiency, and productivity is by having the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done. Diagnostic tools and equipment, as well as the latest updates on your scan tools, are a must for repairing and maintaining the vehicles rolling into your shop. So start your new year off right, and check out the most clicked-on diagnostic tools and updates added to for Q4 to see it's there are any updates you need to be making to your tool collection.

P.S. If you've been thinking new year, new scan tool, be sure to check out PTEN’s 2023 Scan Tool Spec Guide for a comparative list of functions and features for a large selection of aftermarket scan tools.

10. G-scan Software Update

The latest G-scan Software Update from CAS includes multiple car lines being added or updated to the G-scan and Z-5 scan tools. The software release includes a large amount of new coverage for Volvo with DOIP, Mercedes Benz with DOIP, GM with CAN-FD, as well as 28+ other car lines. 

9. 2023-24 ADAS Calibration Coverage Updates

The Autel 2023-'24 ADAS Calibration Coverage Updates provide ADAS calibration coverage for the most common systems on many Audi, GM, Porsche, Hyundai/Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Stellantis models to all MaxiSYS tablet owners, as well as MS906 Pro and higher, with active ADAS calibration software subscriptions.

8. Ultimate ADAS

Hunter Engineering's Ultimate ADAS system is designed to eliminate error-prone manual layouts common to static ADAS calibrations. Ultimate ADAS combines Hunter's standard-setting alignment technology with a guided target placement system for around-the-vehicle coverage.

7. EV Insulation Tester, No. 550

The Electronic Specialties EV Insulation Tester, No. 550, is designed to check high-voltage circuits on electric and hybrid vehicles for voltage leaks to ground. It can supply 250V, 500V, and 1,000V test voltages for doing complete insulation testing. 

6. Fall 2023 Software Release

The Snap-on Fall 2023 Software Release includes 2023 model year updates for Genesis, GM, Hyundai, Infinity, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, and Volvo, as well as new 2023 code scan and clear codes for all makes.

5. Maximus 5.0

The Matco Tools Maximus 5.0 diagnostic scan tool is ideal for master technicians. Engineered with advanced technology, the Maximus 5.0 is designed to deliver a combination of automotive intelligence, quick navigation, and ergonomic handling for optimal efficiency.

4. M12 Auto Technician Borescope, No. 3150-20

The Milwaukee Tool M12 Auto Technician Borescope, No. 3150-20, is designed to deliver 5mm access and clear diagnosis. The 5mm camera head, paired with a 3’ flexible cable optimized for rigidity, allows for ideal access in tight spaces, including glow plug holes and fuel injector ports. 

3. ADAS Map

The Opus IVS ADAS Map is a comprehensive software platform designed to identify ADAS systems, their components, precise component locations, necessary calibrations, and the underlying reasons for these calibrations. 

2. ONE Edge

The Teledyne FLIR ONE Edge is a wireless dual thermal and visible camera for mobile devices. It offers the same detachable form factor as the FLIR ONE Edge Pro with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity but with features tailored to the needs of consumers and small businesses.

1. INT500 Insulation Tester and Multimeter

The Power Probe INT500 Insulation Tester and Multimeter allows technicians to assess the integrity of insulation in wiring and components, crucial for the safety and performance of EVs and ensuring gasoline vehicles' electrical systems remain reliable. 

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