The Trainer #142: Leveraging the power of Autel's Remote Expert feature

Nov. 8, 2023
Leveraging Autel's Remote Expert feature to increase shop revenue and decrease vehicle repair time.

As time passes, the technological advances made throughout the automotive industry have been increasing exponentially and almost daily. The capability of today's vehicles and their computerized systems is light years ahead of where they were just a few short years ago. But with this increase in technological ability comes the ever-evolving challenges that all shops must face.

Years ago, replacement of most vehicle components and many ECUs was a simple plug-and-play procedure, meaning no additional programming or configuration/coding was required. The average shop would have no issues completing a repair because no special tooling or procedure was required.

But times have changed, components have changed, and so, too, have the procedures for replacement of those components. Many of the components interact with ECUs and must be programmed with software to even function. Some of these components could be considered as an add-on feature, requiring existing ECUs to be reconfigured as a new vehicle system configuration. Either of those situations many times will require specialized tooling and software to complete and finalize a repair. In many cases, these procedures are only available using the OEM scan tool and/or J2534 interface, often accompanied by a very hefty expense. If the shop doesn't possess the tools or the know-how to complete the repair, the job must be completed by another shop or by a mobile solutions provider. Both options cost the shop time and money.

With the introduction of Autel's Remote Expert feature, the shop now has the ability to obtain technical support for diagnostics, ECU programming/reprogramming/configuration, and (if necessary) with the OEM tooling, keep the entire repair in-house. This maximizes shop revenue and minimizes repair times.

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