Innovation Award Profile: LTI Tools by Milton Shockit Diesel NOx and Particulate Sensor Removal Kit, No. LT966D

March 4, 2024
Q & A with Jeff Del Rossa, general manager of the specialty tool group for Milton Industries.

Q: What makes this product so innovative?

A: It's really a number of different reasons and I’ll focus on the top three. Number one, we focus on productivity. There are fewer technicians out in the market today and there's a longer line of customers wanting to get their cars or their trucks serviced. So, when we focus on productivity, it’s ‘How do we get the technician to be more productive and more efficient in making these repairs?’ 

Number two, we really want to have versatility. When a technician invests in a tool, is it just one application it can do, or can it do multiple applications? What I love about the 996 is, yeah, it's a particulate NOx sensor, but it can remove basically any 22- or 24- or 30mm nut or bolt because incorporates a lot of the technology we use in Shockit. The other thing it does is it has harmonic vibration. Any technician knows that when you have a stubborn fastener if you hit it with a hammer or you shock it with one of the technologies from LTI, we can help remove that faster. 

The other thing is reach. Today engine compartments are smaller. So, the capability of getting at it with our kit and the punch that comes with the kit is ideal. So those are the three things that were primarily top of mind that caused us to develop this.

Q: What has been the feedback from technicians who've purchased this tool?

A: All fantastic. What they really like is, again, the versatility of the product, being able to use it not just on particulate NOx sensors, but anywhere where they have limited access or reach is a problem. One other thing that's evident in the construction of the Shockit LT996 product is it's heavy duty, it's cast machine precision, and because it's slotted, they can slip it over a hydraulic line, they can slip it over a NOx particulate sensor. The versatility is unmatched, and in combination with the vibration that we can create with the air hammer and the articulated punch, all those components make a very powerful system.

Q: Anything else our readers should know?

A: The other thing I love about this tool is that not only will it remove a sender out of a bung, for example, on an exhaust system, but if they find that the bung is the problem, they can rethread it. The 996 comes with a chasing component on the back of the socket, so they can chase the threads, clean up the bung, and put it back in. If the sender is not faulty, they can clean up the threads on the sender by just rethreading or chasing the threads on the sender in addition to removing it with the Shockit Socket.

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