In Focus: ARES Tool 3-pc Spring Loaded Universal Joint Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Set

March 7, 2024
Constructed of high-quality chrome vanadium material with a polished chrome plated finish for rust and corrosion resistance, each spark plug socket features a spring-loaded universal joint design that prevents the joint from becoming loose and falling to the side.

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This ARES 3-pc Spring Loaded Universal Joint Magnetic Socket Set, No. 11080, is for removing and installing spark plugs on most common automotive applications. It includes sockets for 14mm (12-pt), 9/16”(6-pt), and 5/8”(6-pt) spark plugs. 

Selling Points

  • Features a spring-loaded U-joint function and magnetic function built into one. 
  • This set is constructed of high-quality chrome vanadium with a polished finish, using high-strength magnets. 
  • The set offers broad application coverage, the most common socket sizes found in the domestic market, covering a wide range of automotive applications. 

Features and benefits

According to ARES, the spring-loaded U-joint built into the magnetic spark plug socket is unlike anything else on the market. This socket set allows the technician to easily install spark plugs on recessed and hard-to-reach applications. 


The spring-loaded function in this set came from the difficulty related to installing spark plugs on many of today’s automobiles. Many spark plugs are recessed and require an extension and/or U-joint. A standard U-joint tends to fall to the side while these sockets allow for easier placement while securely holding the spark plugs in place with internal magnets.  

Manufacturing/engineering specifications

Made from chrome vanadium steel (50BV30) with a high-polish finish. The hardness specification for sockets and U-joints is between 42 and 48 HRC. The set meets or exceeds ANSI standards and weighs 0.77 lbs in an EVA foam tray. 

Storage and display

The ARES 3-pc Spring Loaded Universal Joint Magnetic Socket Set, No. 11080, is packaged in an EVA foam storage tray, then individually boxed in ARES branded packaging with one 3-pc set per box. 

Suggested retail price


For more information

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Information provided by ARES. 

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