CSM TECH CO., LTD located in Busan is a company who have manufactured DC motor and BLDC Assembly Line and supplied to world famous automakers for over 20 years since established in 1990. CSM TECH CO., LTD is a technology oriented SME who has excellent technologies required not only for DC motor production but also for automated manufacturing equipment for the product.

We acquired a third party business who has onboard motor-related technology to diversify business areas in long-term perspective. Our know-how for production of auto parts which has been established for long became an important foundation for new business.

We transformed our business as an export enterprise overcoming difficulties and obtaining export process by experience. Finally, in December 2011, we made first export to Russia which was followed by export to Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands and continued to sign export contract with buyers from all over the world, a remarkable achievement.




(processing parts for Hyundai Heavy Electrical Co., Ltd. and manufacturing industrial machinery)

- 2004 RREstablished CHANGSEONG MOTOR (assembly for Seat motor)

- 2006 RRISO / TS 16949 certification

- 2006 RRSQ certification mark (HMC)

- 2009 RRSelected as INNO-BIZ Company 

- 2011 RRBuilt Flover electric motors production lines 

- 2012 RRObtained CE for Flover electric motor

- 2012 RRFirst contract for export to Russia

- 2013 RRSelected as Promising SME

- 2013 - 2014 RRSelected as a major export business

- 2014 4 RREstablished R & D Center